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Shape your future

Shape Compelling stories

Design Your Future

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We’ll train you to find stories that bring your message alive.

We’ll coach you to plan your future, develop a signature story, and present with power.
We’ll facilitate productive meetings and retreats that people want to attend.

Welcome. So glad you’re here.

My name is Sally, and I’m a writer, consultant, and coach ready to help you redesign your life and reshape or write your story.

This is your time. Engage the world with your authentic, creative presence.

I’ve been a seeker all my life.  After twenty-five-plus years of organizational consulting, teaching, and coaching hundreds of adults, I decided to follow the call of the muse to pursue a more heartfelt, creative path.

I can help you reinvent yourself or reshape your work to live with more presence, purpose, and passion. Follow your heart while staying grounded and on top of your life. And, earn the money you need and more.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative, I know that you are. Every day you wake up and create your days. You’re creating the story of your life as you read this.

I can share with you what I have discovered about structuring your life around what brings you joy, wonder, and fulfillment.

You have a new story to discover about yourself, and perhaps, a story I can help you write as well.

Let’s anchor your best story!

Your story is more than a brand.
It’s a path to the future.



A New Way of Leading

Sally has guided hundreds of leaders to tap their true presence, that place of power where they can move and lead from a deep sense of self, a compelling view of the future and a strong belief in others.

She’s shown them how sharing stories will help them advance their message while creating a culture where people listen and respect each other.

She can help you learn to tap this new leadership and communicate in a way that moves others forward.

For over twenty-five years she’s been coaching, writing, building leadership programs, training and speaking about a new way of leading, one that supports imagination and analysis, bold leadership and deep collaboration, making money and making a difference.

Your most effective voice

Her leadership programs have turned around cultures; her coaching has led to people making life-changing decisions, clarifying their careers, and moving ahead in their organizations. Her training  has helped professionals present with more power and ease.

She can help you find your most effective voice as a leader and as a presenter.

Sally  has guided retreats that have built teams, turned around boards, and led to critical decisions that were previously stymied. She helps people feel safe  to explore what matters, hold tough conversations, and still have fun together.

She brings years of organizational experience, advanced degrees (Ph.D.  and MBA) together with storytelling and creative tools from the performance arts to offer a fresh approach to planning–one that stimulates imagination, insight,   and action.

Capture their attention.

Create your story
Engage the world

Connection and collaboration is where it all starts. Give us a call or drop us a line to explore what we can create together.