Transformational Guide & Coach

It’s Your Time To Rise

Reconnect With

The Wisdom of Your Body,

The Guidance Of Your Heart &

Come Home To Yourself

It’s Your Time To Rise

Reconnect With

The Wisdom of Your Body,

The Guidance Of Your Heart &

Come Home To Yourself

Tell me, What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Hi, I’m Dana, a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach & Psychedelic Guide, and I’m dedicated to you living your most turned on, pleasurable, awakened life, and leaving behind any watered-down, partly expressed parts of you.

You deserve to be happy. 

You deserve to come alive. 

You deserve to be sexually expressed.

You deserve to honor your needs and longings. 

You deserve to feel free to be YOU without shame or apology.

People come to me for the secret things they want and need to heal but have been afraid to expose. I will be your safe-harbor. I will be your guide. It won’t always be easy, but it will be real.


Tell me, What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

It’s time to fall in love with all of YOU!  Are you ready?



My practice weaves together my life’s experiences and education in a variety of different healing modalities that may support you on your healing journey.  Some of these powerful techniques include mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming, breathwork, embodiment, mindset, visualization techniques and shamanic teachings. These methods  are all here to help you uncover what’s beneath your patterns and core beliefs that may have you feel stuck… and we want to uncover the greatest version of you imaginable!


  • Graduated from The Hakomi Institute’s 2-year Comprehensive Somatic Psychotherapy training 
  • Certified VITA Method Sex, Love & Relationship Coach with Layla Martin 
  • Certified Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner 
  • Completed a private multi-year Psychedelic Guide Training Program
  • Internal Family Systems Training for Guides 
  • Completed The Somatica Method Sex and Relationship Coaching Training 

Healing happens in the light of love, compassion and acceptance and you don’t have to do it alone.

I come from the belief that you are already whole and complete and not a problem to be solved or fixed.  We work together in a collaborative way, honoring the past while finding your way back to your true essence & authentic expression.

Our work will  help you find clarity, understanding, a deeper sense of meaning and purpose that you’re seeking.  Together we explore with love, compassion and curiosity to uncover & understand the beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck and from having what you truly want.

Together, I can help you traverse life’s most challenging passages, navigate life changing transitions, heal trauma and shame, transform guilt and find the love that you’ve been looking for inside of yourself.

…perhaps, my love, I have the medicine you need.

Let’s schedule a call (it’s free!).


Here’s How We Can Work Together

Sex, Love & Empowerment Coaching

Oh, we’re going there. We’re going into your deep-seated beliefs and the unconscious patterns blocking you from expressing yourself fully and feeling creative, turned on and fully alive. This is a customized journey, pulling tools from various healing modalities, to provide you with the precise process needed to heal sexual shame, reclaim your pleasure, and live your most turned on life.

Guided Transformational Immersion 

This intensive day-long journey includes some very special tools and allies that will support you in cultivating deep self-love by rewiring your consciousness. Your healing will happen as you reveal  unexpressed parts of yourself, unconscious beliefs, and even hidden memories that are the keys that unlock your rapid transformation. These powerful deep dives include session preparation before and integration support after the session.

Preparation + Integration

Preparation paves the way to for your mind, body, heart and soul to open to the positive change that is possible and integration weaves the teachings from the experience into your life, to support lasting change.  Theres no “one size fits all” together we co-create a plan that best supports you.


Microdosing Guidance

Plant medicines are catalyst for change. Microdosing can be a tool to help you learn to look at yourself from a different perspective which can allow you to step outside of rigid and habitual thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. This process can create cognitive flexibility which can create the space for the deeper levels of change you are craving in your life.  



Dana is a masterful sex goddess. Working with her is a pleasure…literally! She has such a loving, grounded presence, which created a really safe space for me to be able to open up and work on different aspects of my sexuality. And I could really feel genuine desire in her to help women heal and feel empowered in their sexuality.

Dana has a lot of great practices and tools that she shared in our sessions, and she gave me more juicy practices to do at home to deepen the work. We worked on shame, did some potent breathwork, and she guided me in connecting deeper to the pleasure in my body…to name a few of my favorite offerings.

I feel like I came out of this work with a deeper connection to my female body, expanded experience of pleasure, and a healthier relationship to sexuality.

– Justyna K.
Justyna Kareta

Dana is a gem with so much love to share with the world! She stepped in to support me at a time when I wasn’t sure how to ask for help and for that I’ll be forever grateful! Her process is thoughtful and genuine. Her own inner work shines through her eyes. Dana is clearly here at this time to support women to connect with that place of wisdom within. I am so glad she’s offering her gifts to the world!

– Coral S.
Guide at Soul Sessions, LLC
Coral Sandler

I have worked with many healers, coaches, and counselors on my healing journey and I can confidently say that Dana has made me feel the safest to explore who I truly am. She is a compassionate and intuitively skilled guide who has so many tools at her disposal to support me in just the right way at just the right time.

She has taught me so much about what it means to be safe – in my self, in my relationships and to allow that safety to take me to the depths of my inner knowing, desires, and deepest love. Dana is a blessing in my life and I look forward to continuing our work together in the years to come.

– Aaron S.

Dana Muscatello Bio

About Your Guide: My Story

I believe in love. I believe in miracles. I believe in possibilities. I believe in your innate wisdom and life-changing power to heal and transform.  I believe you are the creator of your life and experiences.  

Let’s be real, this human experience can be challenging and sometimes we need help finding our way home to ourselves.

I’ve dedicated my life to being in service to YOUR thriving!  Wherever you may be on your journey, it’s time to start living the life you want, instead of the one you think you should. 

It’s time to turn the volume up and listen to your heart and soul that is yearning for a different way of being with this life. Going through life with so many voices, conditioning and direction from others can make it challenging to hear the whispers of your own heart & desires as they can get muted by expectations of family, culture, and internal conflict.  

The challenge is the way…

Seven years ago my “forever” was slipping away…I found myself living in a new city, my marriage was ending, my close friends were far away, my future was unclear and the safe foundation I was familiar with was no longer there.

Humbled by loss, betrayal, grief, and heartbreak, I was invited into a deeper relationship with myself & life. 

During that heartbreaking time, I followed my heart through a process of awakening, healing and personal development.

As I was healing myself, the calling to be in service to others’ healing became even louder.  I found my way to a path that’s been calling me forward my whole life, a path that’s deeply rewarding and meaningful for me. I was guided to follow my desire to expand my understanding of human psychology and deepen my relationship with the powerful healing capacity of plant medicines.

Over the years, I have gained knowledge and techniques to help others through life’s big initiations. During that time I deepened my relationship with prayer, ritual and plant medicines that allowed me to shift from a state of worry, to a state of wonder! 

As painful as those years were for me, I do believe it was all happening FOR me.  Each heartbreaking, challenging, painful event invited me into a process of personal evolution and creation as I opened even wider to hold all of it. 

Along the journey I discovered the profound ways that altered states of consciousness, psychedelics and plant medicines supported me in creating many positive shifts, both in my inner world and in the way I chose to live my life.

By deepening on my path with plant medicines, I began to unravel the outdated beliefs and patterns that had been guiding my life for all too long, keeping me small.

Going through this process I was able to navigate painful and buried memories of early sexual trauma. This allowed me to heal the sexual shame that had resulted from those experiences, and had blocked me from my full potential of deep embodiment, reclaiming my pleasure and taking my power back.

My willingness to go on these inner journeys helped me build an unshakeable self-love, resilience and confidence in my ability to hold myself through the darkness and despair. 

By falling deeper in love with myself, my body & my sexuality, new worlds opened up within me.  When I stripped away the expectations of what it should look like and explored my body as the wonder that she is, I discovered access to more pleasure. 

Pleasure is our birthright.  Our bodies are built to experience pleasure and there is nothing wrong, bad, dirty or sinful about our sexual expression. Our sexuality can be a portal to deeper connection with ourselves, our partner and the universe.  

Conscious sexuality offers access to states of orgasmic bliss, deep healing & spiritual awakening. We have the ability to utilize the power of our pleasure as a healing resource and now more than ever it’s time for us to reclaim that gift.

Rising from the ashes, on the other side of a fiery “dark night of the soul,” tenderized by loss, grief and the pain of heartbreak, I stand here in service to you, to your freedom and your liberation!

As a guide, it is my honor to create safe spaces for you to explore expanded states of consciousness.  These altered states give you the opportunity to step outside of rigid and habitual thought patterns and open us to new ways of being, along with the creation of new neural pathways, to pave the way for lasting change.

If you are reading these words right now, you may be traversing a challenging time, or you may be feeling fairly comfortable with where you’re at, but missing the deeper sense of aliveness, connection and purpose you know is possible.

The Natural Order of life is continually guiding you towards your deepest potential. It’s time to give yourself permission to work with this wisdom, so that you can stop ‘swimming upstream’, and allow your whole reality to begin to shift to one that truly lights you up on all levels.

By reconnecting with the wisdom of your body and the guidance of your heart, the unique and authentic path of your soul will begin to reveal itself to you, one step at a time…

I would love to have a call with you to explore how I may be able to support you along your journey.

In Love & Service,


Dana Muscatello

Is it time to open to new possibilities?


Let’s connect and make it happen!