Automate workflows across your supply chain

Your Trusted Partner in Supply Chain Integration
Integrate all order sources on ONE platform

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Your Trusted Partner in Supply Chain Integration
Integrate all order sources on ONE platform


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Platform that Intelligently Automates based on your unique rules

With direct access to over 200,000 interconnects – onboard your Trading Partners in hours not months.

Advanced Framework

Welcome to the No Code Zone! The truth is, having more options doesn’t make automation work better. Using our smart settings and highly custom configuration based on your specific needs gives you total control without wasting time. We translate your requirements in plain English to your desired results. You should not spend time learning how to program or configure your system, we will do all of the heavy lifting.

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Our solution is completely turnkey and easy-to-use.  This means you do not have to invest in ANY additional equipment, worry about detailed contracts, and most importantly, you can transmit vital information to your customers, retailers and other partners, without concern about whether your system is compliant.  We take care of the complex EDI integrations with ERP and Accounting systems, while ensuring the flow of documents, so you can focus on growing your business.

Web Platform

Our intuitive, cloud based portal enables you to receive orders and create Invoices, Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN) etc based on the orders.  You can place the outbound documents (Invoices, ASN’s, etc) in a temporary holding folder and work on them before sending them out.  Our platform supports GS1 Labels, FedEx, UPS and US Mail.  As well as integration to any connection as a source or destination.

People Said


We are very happy with the service level provided by Interlink Commerce. Knowing that I can pick up the phone and a real person is there to provide us with personalized service gives me and my team confidence that we are in good hands. They feel like an extension of The Great American Rain Barrel; we work with Interlink Commerce like they’re our EDI department. It is comforting to know that our success is their success!

Suzanne Gabelein

CEO, The Great American Rain Barrel Company

Interlink Commerce has provided full services to us for 6 years. During that time, we have built a very strong working relationship that has served us well. Issues with the software are few and far between and result in little-to-no downtime as they are resolved so quickly. In particular, the training and support when onboarding new trading partners who have challenging requirements is timely and effective and keeps us within our timeline. I am pleased with our decision to go with interlink Commerce as they have provided superior EDI solutions and attentive service, leaving our former providers to pale in comparison.

Maryellen Fallon