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Ann Hrechko

Real Estate Broker

  • Market Value Appraiser – Residential
  • Year Licensed:​​ 1989
  • Became a Broker:​ 2007
Ann hired me to make this website. When the COVID shutdown began conveniently she decided to abandon the project. She had my wife design this logo and I spent over a week trying to design an abstract concept she had focusing on kids while being a real estate Website. After I spend a couple of days educating her on how to manage an online business she informed me that God meant for us to work together. I wish she had told me that God did not intend for her to pay.

This is what we have left of the website. After Ann’s assistant Pam had asked me to rush to get the content up (we were given 24 hours) the site was quickly taken down. Ann told me Godaddy had talked her into letting them delete it and instead work with there developers. What your viewing now is some of the preliminary work.

She blamed Godaddy and the service that connected us. We waited patiently for months after doing the work for her the first payment. We have not received a dime. I would not want to use Ann as an Agent. She really had me fooled as someone that you can trust.

A timeline of the events

Jan 22
First Conversation

Jan 24
I sent a slideshow and video explaining the whole process

Feb 6
heard back from after the flu

Feb 10
Provided videos on how to hire me on Upwork
Hired on this day

Feb 11
Sent the questionnaire
Worked on color schemes and the logo

Feb 13
sent a link to the initial design research
Provided a link to a movie showing you how to comment and provide feedback
Received an email that included a clearer design direction and chosen colors

Feb 14
we were provided 3 images (hands extending to touch, girl praying, and boy with eyes closed leaning against a tree)

Feb 16
We provided a newly revised logo based on feedback

Feb 17
Provided new images based on a new understanding of the desired look.

Feb 20
I called Upwork to discuss the 49.99 dollar payment

Feb 21
We provided new images of a homepage designs

Feb 26
You provided us feedback on which version of the homepage you liked

Feb 27
I asked for the Username and Password for the hosting account

Feb 28
I sent an email asking if I should purchase the images for the project.

March 4
We received the first set of text for two pages
We were given changes to the homepage

March 9
We were provided the username and password for the hosting account and were told to please have the site put up by the following evening.

March 10
The site was put up with all the content we had been provided and we purchased most of the images.
I provided information on MLS search plugins after substantial research.